HVAC Owner/Operator Opportunity

10 Jun 2024

We are looking specifically for experienced, talented residential/light commercial SELLING Service Technician to join our small team which is preparing this company for sale to a larger organization/Private Equity.

This is a very unique opportunity in Phoenix because this opportunity comes with Ownership in the company over a vested period of time and a seat at the table AND CASH OUT WITH US when the company is expected to sell in 3-5 years.

This is the opportunity that many selling technicians in our industry wish they had, but it doesn't exist in very many places! In exchange for this opportunity, we are looking for someone who knows what it takes to perfect a company and get it ready for the next level.

You will be treated like an Owner of the company from day #1, but you will be expected to perform as an Owner as well. You will be involved in the decisions that the company makes and have influence in everything that we do.

We are only looking for someone who is Entreprenurial and understands what this ad is saying and its implications. You know who you are if you are the right person for this opportunity.

Deep experience in HVAC is required. Management experience is preferred, but not required for the right candidate if all of the other boxes are checked.