Coffee Supervisor

10 Jun 2024

Companion Bakeshop Barista

Coffee Leadership Team

$18/hr plus tips

The Coffee Supervisor at Companion Bakeshop is responsible for continuity between the two cafes, training staff to serve drinks at the highest standard, and also having a thorough knowledge of product and the customer flow at each shop.

This is a full time position working at least 2 days per week at each location (4-5 days per week total)

Coffee Supervisor Responsibilities

-Strong barista skills and ability to train effectively

-Keep shift guides and binder up to date for Barista-specific SOPs

-Upholding the framework of our coffee and coffee service standards

-Ordering coffee, chai and chocolate sauce for each location - work with Retail Managers to communicate PARs

-Order sufficient coffee for espresso preparation, batch brew, and manual brew methods.

-Scheduling or performing maintenance on all coffee equipment in each location. This would include a maintenance log of everything that goes wrong as well as everything performed on equipment in attempts to fix problem. Log will also include when problem is resolved.

-Works with Retail Managers to help recruit/hire qualified staff

Scheduling and administering espresso bar training with protocol

-Introduction to espresso

-Steaming milk

-Closing bar/taking care of coffee equipment


-Dialing in/opening bar

-How to work with a bar-back

-Corrective action, on the floor instruction and re-training when necessary

-Communicating with scheduling manager about who is best suited to perform what shifts

-Maintain an approachable demeanor for staff to ask questions/seek guidance

General Requirements & Expectations:


Is available to work on the floor, minimum 4 days per week. Approved time off requests exempt.

Must work Friday-Sunday

Must have 2 years specialty coffee experience, preferably having held a leadership role in the field for at least 1 yr.


Knows how to do all on floor roles within Team Bean. Has mastered each position.

Set the example for all employees by doing work to standard.

Coach current employees during shifts to meet standards. Corrects practices that are incorrect.

Scheduled within shifts to train new hires to Team Bean barista standards.


Has a habit of working scheduled shifts or in getting appropriately skilled coverage when needed.

Is at team meetings and team training. (If unable to come to the meeting, makes an effort to get all missed information and training)


Cultivate an energetic and positive environment at the bakeshop

Sees the things that need to be done in the bakeshop and delegates

Takes the lead on shifts

Implements procedures from management and guides team to accomplish procedures.

Handles customer inquiries or complaints in a professional manner and passes information along to anyone else who might need to know