Culinary Director

10 Jun 2024

Culinary Director (starting at $35/hour or $72,800/ year)

Companion Bakeshop

This position reports directly to the owner

Our culinary techniques of Companions sourdough breads, pastries and cafe foods are the heart and soul of Companion Bakeshop. Our loaves and pastries have been crafted with almost 20 years of skill, dedication and tradition. Food is what brings us together and we take pride in providing our customers with a loving, safe and delicious place to meet & create community and connection over our food. The role of Culinary Director upholds high standards of culinary quality from production in our kitchens to the hands of our customers. This full time role requires a person with excellent leadership skills, high quality control standards and the ability to lead fast paced multi location production facilities (3), bakery/cafes (2), and menu development & liaison of Companion’s Wholesale department.


Culinary Production leadership (technical & hands on) 40%

-Help to facilitate that our production teams are running smoothly and efficiently

-Listens & works with production managers & provides insight into making shifts manageable and productive.

-Consider & develop systems and equipment needs for production teams to run sustainably & efficiently

-Offers support during holiday seasons with large production day coordination

-Helping leaders manage team morale, productive environment & safe workspace.

-Works with production managers to determine hiring needs & report to office

-Lends time and support to managers on training and onboarding new hires into our production kitchens

-Works with the Facilities & Delivery director to make sure equipment is cared for.

-Provide interim solutions to production teams if and when equipment is out of service

-Set up and implement new equipment in production kitchens and offer training on new equipment as needed.

-Consistent check in with production teams- working towards increasing production where possible to create more sale opportunities for retail and wholesale.

-Work alongside pastry managers to curate menus & products for small and large holidays

-Team Bonding/Morale Boosting - contribute ideas for boosting morale, helping to organize team meetings, etc.

-Present ideas and suggestions / solutions to problems to proper department heads, and implement approved ideas – regarding shift times, efficiency of tasks, etc.

-Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday production help

Culinary Liaison for retail outlets (bakeries and farmers markets) 40%

-Attentive to training on quality control on all product in retail outlets

-Attentive to the pastry case set up and bread display for all retail outlets. Considering options and small wares needed for the best display possible - work with Retail floor managers.

-Communication with the Farmers market manager for best product packing for market travel and quality control. Taking care of which products travel well & creating market menus that reflect these unique farmers market criteria

-Collecting waste logs & assisting Sales Director with setting retail & market numbers based on quality control, sales, packing efficiency & shelf life for our retail outlets.

-Packaging options and availability. Working with retail managers on paper goods needed based on packing retail orders correctly and efficiently while keeping product quality and integrity in mind.

-Managing and keeping a pulse on waste- working with community programs to donate or sell left over goods from retail outlets.

-Facilitate communication with retail teams and production managers when a new product is introduced to the retail bakeries, farmers markets and when seasonal pastries change. Keeping in mind lead time, signage and needed training to retail staff

-Leadership around slicing products for pastry case and making sure that training is provided (tea cakes, brownies pie etc)

-Work with Retail managers to ensure all storage of shelf life product and dating protocol for products is managed properly

-Providing support as liaison to retail, farmers markets or wholesale accounts when product is missing from orders

-Follow through of special orders on days that the Sales Director is not available.

-Team Bonding/Morale Boosting - contribute ideas for boosting morale, helping to organize team meetings, etc.

-Present ideas and suggestions / solutions to problems to proper department heads, and implement approved ideas – regarding shift times, efficiency of tasks, etc.

-Thanksgiving and Holiday liaison focusing on moving product from kitchen to be retail ready

Wholesale & New Program Liaison: 20%

-Work with the Sales Director of Wholesale to build effective menus for wholesale partners

-Communicate seasonal changes to sales director to relay directly to wholesale partners for bread, pastry & pie

-Working with the Wholesale Manager to onboard/meet with new wholesale partners when necessary, about product offerings and menu options

-Ensure that wholesale partner orders can be sustainably carried out in our production kitchens before becoming partners and when menu or product increases are requested.

-Submit orders with production to accommodate samples for potential wholesale partners.

-Work with the Sales Director if there are any Special Orders/Event Orders/Weddings etc that need communication around menu and product.

-Create menus for seasonal offerings for special orders

-Implement new products to sell through programs like Challah Club or Monthly Bakers club etc…

Product Development:

-Working with Owner to assist with development of new product and programs like The Challah Club, Bakers Club,

-Retail Bread project 719 swift

Requirements & Qualifications

-Full Time position

-10 years of management with teams in the bakery/cafe industry

-Must work Tuesdays-Saturdays, and the following full weekends (Wed-Sun):

Memorial Day

Mothers Day

Labor Day

Weekend leading up to Thanksgiving & Monday-Wednesday before holiday

-Must be willing to deal with after hours calls (along with the owner) on equipment & kitchen emergencies and come up with solutions.

-Must be a morning person

-Must be responsible and organized

-Must be able to problem solve on the spot and think clearly

-Stay current with all team communication as necessary

-Must be able to lift 50lbs

-Upholds high standards for yourself as leader and for the team: excellent customer service, GMP adherence and professionalism

-Must have a current driver’s license and willing to travel between locations as needed

-Familiar with the operations of culinary equipment

-Must have leadership experience and experience with team morale building and bonding

-Must have a love for pastries, sourdough breads, retail experience and community building

-Able to commit to this position for at least 2 years