Vending Machine Stocker Wanted

10 Jun 2024

Interested in passive income? Ever want to learn about Vending Machines!? This job's for you!

-Pay is $20/hr-3hrs+/week (pick up Monday's and Thursday's for weekly deliveries).

-Opportunity for more hours as the route expands

-Incentive of 5% of profits after 3 months if everything goes well

-Potential long-term equity in route after 6-12 months

-Perfect for college students or gig workers!


- Must be willing to lift 40-60lbs

- Live in the Haymarket/Gainesville/Manassas Surrounding Area!

- Must have a car preferably a van or SUV (something with lots of trunk space)

- You will be responsible for your own gas/fuel to and from the locations

- must possess a valid driver's License and insurance

- be willing to drive a 20-mile radius around Gainesville and surrounding areas

- you will be issued a 1099 form for taxes purposes

- Interested in expanding future responsibilities - stock-keeping, etc.

- Send me a good working telephone number to reach you