HVAC Duct Installer

16 May 2024

McGowan's Heating & Air Conditioning is looking for experienced duct installers for our commercial division. We have been in business for over forty years.

Job Summary:

You will be performing a range of installation jobs for commercial and residential customers. Customer-based activities require an individual possessing traits of decisiveness, initiative, tact, judgment, integrity, dependability, and the ability to communicate in a technically credible manner.


o 401k

o Health, Dental, Vision and Life insurance


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Job duties include but are not limited to:

o Selects type of material according to product being fabricated, knowledge of duct materials and job standards and specifications.

o May do layout of fittings and duct, including manually locating and marking dimensions and reference lines on sheet metal, duct board, flex and duct pipe.

o May receive equipment/materials on site.

o May set up and operate soldering and welding equipment to join copper tubing.

o Install HVAC equipment, fans, grilles, dampers, wiring, and piping as directed.

o May install assemblies in plant or work site according to blueprint specifications using hand tools and portable power tools.

o May fabricate and install assemblies and systems in manufacturing plants or work sites according to blueprints, specifications and other resource information using hand tools, portable power tools and other specialized equipment.

o Inspects assemblies and installation work for conformance with plans, specifications and trade standards using naked eye as well as measuring instruments, such as measuring tape, rule, plumb bob or level.

o Measure, size, cut and apply duct insulation

o Extensive knowledge in the process for making and repairing duct materials, copper and composite parts.

o Clean up debris generated by work activity.

o Performs routine fabrication and/or installation activities without direct oversight or on-site assistance.

o Repair or replace defective installed work.

o Assists in training of new McGowan’s employees on installation related subjects.

o Conducts non-installation work in support of the Fabrication Shop and Service Departments, as assigned.

o Conforms to all applicable McGowan’s Policies and Procedures.

o Performs related duties as directed by the applicable McGowan’s Job Foreman or Project Manager.

o Keep tools needed in trade up to date.

o Cross training in refrigeration, piping and controls.


o Possess a mechanical aptitude.

o Understand shop math.

o Work skillfully with tools, duct materials and machines.

o Visualize objects in three dimensions from drawings, sketches or blueprints.

o Work within precise limits and standards of accuracy.

o Perform a variety of duties that may change often.

o Provide own tools, ladders, extension cords required for installation.

o Know state and local codes.


o Have two years of successful and full-time installation experience in craft.

o Have good oral and reading skills, including the ability to read and apply the project plans and specifications and the manufacturers’ installation instructions, and clearly communicate with customers, suppliers, other McGowan’s employees, and other trades.

o Demonstrate an interest and initiative in maintaining his/her skills through a combination of self-study, company training, workshops, and other professional development activities.

o May require a current Florida Operator’s license and the ability to operate all types of vehicles in the corporate fleet within 30 days of initial employment. If applicable, incumbent must be insurable by McGowans current insurance carrier.

o Could work efficiently, given time pressures, non-standard schedule, extreme weather conditions indicative to job site location, varying customer needs and demands, and backlog constraints.

Physical Capabilities

Daily job stress will run from minimal to extreme, based on such factors as the weather, site considerations, time constraints, and job needs. An average workday will be moderately stressful.

o Physically must be able to:

o Perform all duties noted above under the conditions, circumstances and extreme weather conditions indicative to job site location.

o Be able to use hands, fingers, arms and legs fully.

o Lift and carry objects weighing up to 60 pounds frequently.

o Possess good vision (either naturally or with correction).

o Climb and maintain balance on high ladders and scaffolds and stand for long periods of time.

o Stoop, kneel, crouch and crawl.

o Must not be afraid of heights (acrophobia).