Open an injury case for me

10 Jun 2024

I sustained some broken bones & other damage when falling from a ladder while inspecting a house for sale

Following this I stayed a week at Blake hosp, then released

I had been invited in for the house inspection

I was shown a fold out ladder to use for gaining a peek into the attic

The rung on the ladder had broke & resulted in a fall of eight feet to the garage floor

My initial attorney sat on my case for 16 months while keeping communication at a minimum

Finally. in my last communication, I learned that he (attorney) could not proceed with my case

This, I believe, was out of a previous disagreement with a Worker's compensation judge, who simply was given what he truly deserved

If anyone is brave enough to take my injury case, I still remain injured and uncompensated

30% of net win donates to St Francis Cabrini Church in Parrish, Fl.

Remaining 70% is yours.