Artist to create an Image for the Cover of my Book

16 May 2024

I am looking for an artist to create the image of an older sister (16) and her little brother. (7) African-American. Sharecropper poor, no shoes poor. Clothing must be appropriate to the 1950's

My graphic designer will create text, etc., for the cover and drop in your artwork.

Line of credit in/on the printed book.

Synopsis: 1951. Hannah Mae and Jerry have suddenly become orphans with the unexpected and swift death of their mama. Foster care looms, a shadow threatening to cleave them apart. But Hannah Mae, fierce and resolute, clings to her brother like a lifeline. She won’t let the system swallow them whole. Not her little brother, not now.

The only option is to run away, hit the road. Their destination? An obscure auntie, a phantom relative residing several states away in the sultry embrace of Mississippi. She’s a whisper in their memories, a faded photograph tucked into the pages of their father’s old Bible. But she’s their lifeline—the only hope of sanctuary against the storm.

And so, they make a pact—a desperate promise etched in the dust of their shared history. They’ll run away, two fugitives from a broken home, hearts stitched together by love and necessity. The road stretches before them, a ribbon of uncertainty, and they follow its winding curves, fueled by determination and fear.