- Find Film Jobs | Both Cast and Crew

10 Jun 2024

Our website,, is designed to bring together actors, filmmakers, clients, and people wanting to break into the industry into a single, one-stop-shop type of community - all with the collective goal of making films.

Job Postings: Clients can post about their projects, the crew/cast they need to complete it, what their compensation is, etc. We get hundreds of new jobs every day!

Crew: Crew members can make a page on our local "Crew List" which provides a variety of information such as rates, demo reels, gear, contact information, etc.

Actors: Actors can make a page on our "Cast List" which is our local directory for talent. This page provides headshots, contact information, and other information for anyone viewing your page and looking to hire actors for their project.

Workshops & Events: We host a variety of workshops and events each month to promote learning and networking throughout the industry. Come and join us!

Production Companies: If you have your own production company you can be placed on our “Production Company List.” Here you can display a ton of information about your company for the world to see.

Locations and More: We also have a section for any film-related rentals other than equipment! If you have any locations, props, set decorations, carts, etc. that you'd like to rent.

Project Promotion: Our Local Films section is where local filmmakers can submit an article about their project to be posted on FilmLocal. This is entirely free and can be seen by the thousands of filmmakers that use our site!

If you have some spare time, check it out. Let us know what you think as we’re always looking for ways to improve the site.