Plumber $20-$40 Helper $15-$20

10 Jun 2024

Local plumbing company looking to expand is now seeking 2 full time employees- 1 full-time plumber helper and 1 full time PLUMBER. A plumber helper sometimes referred to as a plumber's assistant, works under licensed plumbers to install plumbing systems, make repairs, and diagnose minor plumbing issues. Plumber helpers ordinarily work eight-hour days and might work day or night shifts. Overtime is possible on occasions where installations or repairs take longer than anticipated to complete. Plumber helpers might also be on-call to assist plumbers in responding to emergency situations during off-hours, such as evenings or weekends. Plumber helpers can work in residential or commercial settings.

Plumber Helper Duties and Responsibilities $18+

While a plumber helper's day-to-day duties and responsibilities are determined by where they work, there are many core tasks associated with the role. Based on our analysis of job listings, these include:

Make Minor Plumbing Repairs

Under the direction of licensed or master plumbers, plumber helpers make minor repairs such as unclogging toilets or drains, replacing faucets, and fixing leaking pipes. They also install garbage disposals, replace toilet wax rings, and adjust water pressure to homes.

Assist Plumbers with Plumbing System Installations

Plumber helpers work alongside licensed plumbers to install plumbing in new home or commercial construction, replace water heaters, and install tubs/showers. They hold tools, cut piping, connect metal or plastic pipes, and check new installations for leaks.

Perform Preventative Maintenance on Plumbing Systems

It usually falls to plumber helpers to check plumbing systems for any potential problems. They clean drains, check water heaters, run tests on pumps, and clean grease traps for both commercial and residential customers. Plumber helpers keep an updated checklist of preventative maintenance tasks and give a copy to home or business owners.

Clean Up Job Sites

Plumber helpers ensure that job sites are cleared of tools and debris during a job and after its completion. They retrieve discarded pieces of piping, mop up standing water from leaks, and pack away tools.

Plumber Helper Skills and Qualifications

Team players with the ability to follow instructions and who have an interest in working with their hands make successful plumber helpers. The following skills and abilities are also much sought after in candidates for plumber helper positions:

Mechanical skills - plumber helpers should have strong knowledge of plumbing tools and an understanding of how basic plumbing systems work

Physical fitness - a great deal of a plumber helper's day is spent kneeling, crouching, and carrying tools and supplies, and they must be physically fit for this aspect of the job

Troubleshooting - the ability to detect the causes of leaks and clogs calls for strong troubleshooting skills

Math skills - plumber helpers must accurately measure and cut piping and determine the amount of materials needed for a job using basic math skills

Customer service skills - it is important for plumber helpers to make adequate repairs and gain the confidence and loyalty of customers

Detail oriented - plumber helpers must pay attention to detail, such as using the correct materials to join pipes or ensuring that a water supply is shut off prior to removing sink faucets

Analytical skills - interpreting schematics and drawings for new plumbing system installations is beneficial for plumber helpers

Tools of the Trade

Plumber helpers must be adept at using the following:

Hand tools (crimping tool, pipe wrenches, tube cutter, fitting brush)

Power tools (plumbing snake, compact threader, water pumps)

Drain/sewer pipe inspection camera