Staff Accountant

21 Nov 2023

1. Position Summary

a. Tax Preparer

2. Employee Characteristics:

a. Hard working, team player, who can envision the finished project and work efficiently toward that end

b. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

c. Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time

d. Highly detail-minded

3. Responsibilities:

a. Report to the office (or client’s place of business for field work) on time, ready to work

b. Contact Drake tech support to resolve accounting software issues

c. Interact with clients, staff, state Departments of Revenue, and the IRS in a courteous and professional manner, in

person, on the phone, and by email

d. Keep all client information confidential, including but not limited to: trade secrets, facts, figures, income,

expenses, employees, policies, practices, etc. unless required to divulge such information through bona fide legal

orders, laws, regulations, etc.

e. Promote an atmosphere of teamwork and peace while efficiently performing assigned duties

f. Keep track of client tax returns & coordinate with staff the progress of tax returns

g. Prepare personal tax returns (Form 1040) according to company policies & procedures

h. Prepare business tax returns (Forms 1120, 1120S, and 1065) according to company policies & procedures

i. Prepare non-profit tax returns (Form 990) according to company policies & procedures

j. Prepare trust tax returns (Form 1041) according to company policies & procedures

k. Prepare amended tax returns according to company policies and procedures.

l. Prepare Forms 8821 (Tax Info Authorization) and 2848 (Power of Attorney)

m. Prepare memos to staff and clients

o. Prepare letters to clients (PSA, Response to IRS, etc.)

p. Understand QuickBooks, make year-end adjusting journal entries (AJEs)

q. Review financial statements and Board of Directors’ minutes

r. Review client QuickBooks for accuracy and for Tax Preparation readiness

s. Request missing information directly from clients

t. Other duties as assigned

4. Skills:

a. Communicate clearly, precisely, and tactfully with management, staff, and clients

b. Follow instructions and take pride in one’s work

c. Able to operate the phone, printer, scanner, and fax machine

d. Pay close attention to details

e. Reliability and punctuality

f. Keep assigned work area (office) and desk clean and orderly

g. Uphold firm policies and best practices of the accounting profession

h. Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)

i. Proficient with MS Excel

j. Knowledgeable in Adobe Acrobat Standard

k. Proficient with Adobe Editing Tools: Rectangle, Pencil, Text Box, etc.

l. Familiar with basic tax planning strategies

m. Familiar with tax resolution strategies

n. Well organized, schedules time and priorities well, meets deadlines

5. Education & Work Experience:

a. BS Degree in Accounting or Business Administration; Master’s degree and/or working toward CPA designation


b. Four tax seasons

c. Experience in public accounting preferred

d. QuickBooks experience: QB Pro Advisor designation preferred

6. Confidentiality:

a. Ability to protect the reputation of the company and the integrity of clients and others through strict confidentiality

and capacity for a high level of trust.

b. Do not disclose the property of clients to other people outside of the work area.

7. Safety:

a. Safety is very important. Please discuss observations of unsafe work areas or practices

8. Work Week:

a. The standard forty-hour-workweek is 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with a half an hour for lunch. However, Tax Season

minimum hours per week is 50.

b. Some overtime may be required to meet certain deadlines.