$17 - $25 Home Caregiving Coordinators &Rehab Nursing Techs

02 Apr 2024

$17-$23/hr full time guaranteed 40 hours a week plus benefits; Experienced Caregiver, Allied

Health Student to fill position of Caregiving Coordinator.

Caregiving is the greatest art of love. It is the one profession that allows a person to use life experiences,

kindness, compassion, social services and a good neighbor approach to make the world a better place

while earning a dependable, secured and really good income with benefits.

Once upon a time, there was a geriatric nurse named AJ. Every time a geriatric patient was in her care,

it would make her worry about their health and safety. She has a soft spot for the elderly and a giant

smile that could light up a baseball field.

The interesting thing is that when you meet her, you would soon feel like you and her are family

members so you can imagine how those patients fell in love with her compassionate care.

She took those great experiences and turned it into a business which she calls KELLAH HOME CARE.

She helps geriatric patients get home from the hospital, stay out of the emergency room, get better

faster and to enjoy full lives no matter the life limiting condition written on their medical chart.

AJ has opened a new department for chronic illness management at home.

This department has a new position for an experienced caregiver, or a medical assistant or an allied

health student. The position has 3 parts; team leadership, in home caregiving and office operations


It’s a full-time position with guaranteed 40 hours a week plus benefits.


Genuine interest in making older people laugh and enjoy their days

Ability to motivate an older person to get up, get excited and get going for the day

Interest in geriatric nutrition and functional fitness

Hands-on caregiving

Middle management supervision and customer service skills.

Clean background check

Negative alcohol and 10 panel drug screen

Reliable, safe and insured vehicle

What to do if you are interested: Please respond with a good phone number and email so we can

contact you today for a same day interview.