Need side work? Seeking tradespeople. High-paying gigs.

03 Apr 2024

We're IMMEDIATELY looking to hire 2 local tradespeople who can perform pre-booked solar "site audits" on homes before solar is installed. No sales.

No experience is needed. Site audits include taking measurements and photos of roofing, electrical, attics, etc. for the engineers to reference when doing the solar design for each house.

It's the perfect high-paying side gig.


- No solar experience necessary (solar technicians, home inspectors, electricians, handymen, roofers, and insurance adjusters are ideal)

- Get paid instantly when jobs are complete

- Jobs pay $75-90 and take 35 min (avg) to complete

- You choose your schedule and service area

- Opportunities to perform other tasks and service work

- Requires a smart phone, step ladder, basic tools, and a two-story ladder or (two 12' ladders) to access rooftops.


1) Visit to learn more and apply for instant approval (no interview needed)

2) If you're instantly approved, invest 1.5 hours to watch the training videos

3) After the videos, we'll guide you to conduct a mock site audit on your home (or someone's you know)

Once completed, you're in! We'll activate your account and you'll receive job notifications via text message.

First-come-first-serve on these 4 positions. Start now and get paid gigs tomorrow!

(Visit to learn more. If you have technical issues getting started, please text 801. 901. 3643 for assistance)


RDCL Services (pronounced radical) is a growing solar services company operating in 25 states. We look forward to having you join our team of 100's of friendly, reliable, and skilled men and women.


If you've read this far, you are among the top 10%. Congrats! The onboarding process is all self-led because we are looking for only the most motivated people who pay attention to instructions and who can see tasks through from start to finish. If you've read this far, we want you on our team! Please register now at to claim a spot.