Bakers gonna Bake

03 Apr 2024

Wholesale bakery looking for bakers to join the team.

Wholesale means that there's no customers which for some folks is a plus :)

This is not a cramped space. This is not a windowless warehouse. We have lots of sunlight and AC that works.

About us:

-Super groovy East Williamsburg/Bushwick location close to trains

-Very decent hours (no vampire stuff) NO OVERNIGHT I PROMISE

-Proud of making thousands of gorgeous bread and pastries every day

the Candidate:

-Experienced in Bakery Settings

-Capable of 8 hour production on your feet, crouching, reaching, lifting- baking is Physical! We consider ourselves Athletes

-Enthusiastic about Benchwork: fast focused work shaping by hand

-Organized yet Flexible. Baking is half precision and half improvisation.

-Sense of Urgency to complete tasks efficiently and gracefully

-Enjoys learning new pieces of advanced equipment they might not be familiar with

-40 hours a week

Items we make on a daily basis:




Muffins, Scones and Cookies

Please email your resume or work experience