08 Jul 2024

We are looking for an active and diligent Carpenter to be a part of our construction team. You should be able to build new structures as well as perform any restoration work. Your duties include polishing and installing stone blocks, mixing cement, engine, and cutting/molding materials, and general carpentry or labor.


1. Performing work for the construction of new structures and the restoration of old and damaged ones.

2. Interpreting technical drawings and construction plans, if possible.

3. Cutting, polishing, and setting stone blocks

4. Mixing required amounts of cement and mortar

5. Maintaining tools, equipment, and other materials in good working order

6. Performing work according to blueprints.

7. Reviewing workspaces to determine the material needed

8. Providing a schedule for work completion


1. Proficient with both modern power tools and traditional hand tools.

2. Having 40 OSHA hours is recommended but not required.

3. Need to be able to work as part of a team.

4. Needs to be able to follow directions and change priorities upon request.

5. Able to communicate in English and Spanish.

6. Spanish and driver's licenses are a plus.

7. Licensed/legal to work in the US-NYC.

We do 99% of high-end residential projects. Many of those projects are time-bound and we must be organized and punctual. Quite often we work 40+ hours a week.