Closing Deals in Healthcare Sales: NO License Required | Full Training

03 Apr 2024

Closing Deals in Healthcare Sales: NO License Required

Are you skilled at sealing the deal and ensuring healthcare accessibility for all? We're seeking talented individuals to join us as a Healthcare Sales Closer, where your expertise will be pivotal in finalizing healthcare solutions for our clients. Note: There is no State license required.

Sell Healthcare, it's Easy - Full Training - RESIDUAL INCOME with a 98% Client Retention Rate

- Healthcare Focus: Specialize in closing deals for innovative healthcare plans.

- Lucrative Opportunities: Competitive income akin to industry standards, no licensing required.

- Performance-Driven Rewards: Access upfront commissions, bonuses, and consistent residual income.

- Continuous Learning: Engage in daily live sessions for cutting-edge sales training and insights into healthcare plans.

- Streamlined Entry: No complexities with licensing—dive straight into a rewarding career.

- Meaningful Impact: Offer affordable healthcare plans starting at $73/month for individuals and $378/month for families of 3+.

- Noble Mission: Contribute to ensuring accessible healthcare for everyone.

If you're a master at closing deals and passionate about healthcare accessibility, join our team as a Healthcare Sales Closer. Take the first step towards an impactful career! Apply now and be instrumental in revolutionizing healthcare access.

Your focus will be presenting the savings to individuals, families, and small businesses that can now afford to give their employees healthcare benefits, ensuring greater employee morale and retention.

After your simple but thorough training, you can look forward to upfront commissions, a monthly bonus, and ongoing residual income — where the real money is! With our 98% client retention rate, your residual income is assured for years. HUGE!

Once you see the simplicity of the sale, how much you make upfront, how much you'd save on your own healthcare, and how much your residual income is, you're bound to have your best year in a long time, and for many years to come. Think, Exit-Strategy!

We ask that suitable candidates, including seasoned sales professionals who just need something to sell that is marketable, profitable, in the best interest of the client, and is legal. We know this is Craigslist, but there some dynamite sales professionals and business builders here.

Join us to redefine healthcare sales! Apply today. #HealthcareSales #SalesCloser #JoinUs"

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  • Showed: 2024-04-03
  • Deadline: 2024-06-02
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