Copy Editor - Part Time - Remote

08 Jul 2024

➤ PLEASE HAVE AT LEAST 15 YEARS of work experience in order to apply. PLEASE BE LOCATED IN NORTHERN NEW JERSEY OR THE GREATER NYC AREA. You MUST list your city/town on your resume or in your email. You do NOT have to provide your complete address – you can just provide the town or city.

This is a position for a PERMANENT part-time copy editor. It typically involves between 1-4 hours per week and can be done at any time of the day or night. THIS IS A W-2 POSITION – NOT 1099.

Please remember to send your city/state location within your resume.

You MUST have solid COPY-EDITING experience. We prefer copy editors who understand AP/Chicago style guidelines. We are interested in solid NON-FICTION and business communication and marketing copy editing experience. This means that you have the ability to rewrite copy without losing the writer’s voice. We CAREFULLY TEST your grammar during the interview process! You must also display the ability to create style sheets, educate writers, manage workflow, etc. ONLY GRAMMAR SNOBS SHOULD APPLY for this position.

➤ This position is responsible for SUBSTANTIVE editing or restructuring of web content and blog copy - not just grammar and simple proofreading!

Strong fact-checking skills are a must. Most copy will be technical in nature. You need to show an ability to rewrite/reword content as needed for flow and readability. If you are willing to fact check every detail, you will be a good match for this position.

Grammar skills are heavily weighted during the interview process. Please—pretty please—have an EXTREMELY SOLID sense of proper grammar. Once again, WE ISSUE NUMEROUS TESTS in both AP and Chicago styles!

You must be legally able to work in the USA.

So, do you fit all of these? You’re an editor that is business savvy, DEPENDABLE, open-minded, self-reliant, and wants to grow with a small team that produces credible web and marketing copy? GREAT! Send us an email and include a resume (see below).

Our STARTING compensation ranges from $36–$44 per hour and is dependent on experience. We do reviews every 90 days with the potential for financial increases every three months. If you have limited online professional copy EDITING experience, please don’t expect peak starting rate. This is a PERMANENT part-time position. Please do not apply if you are not looking for a permanent slot.

This position is 100% remote and you may choose the work schedule so long as the projects get completed in a timely manner.


We do not hire outside of the United States.

Getting our attention is easy:

1) Submit a resume with a city/state location in it.

2) Take the time to tell us why this is a good fit. Almost every wordsmith glamorizes copy-editing jobs but VERY few are willing to put in the hard work. Tell us in your email why you desire the slot. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy dissertation but no introduction in your email is a sure way to get passed over by us. You’re an editor – please write something that demonstrates your passion for the written word.

This is an awesome little part-time editing gig and the topics are tech-related. We are looking for a long-term team member. Thanks for reading!