Good Admin Worker = Great Real Estate Agent

08 Jul 2024

My name is Christopher Mezera and I run a successful team of real estate agents at a large real estate firm in Manhattan. I am a former NYC waiter (1999-2002) and for more than 20 years I have been recruiting waiters, bartenders, teachers, actors, musicians, customer service reps, etc., onto my real estate team and join the world of New York City Real Estate like I did so many years ago.

Before we continuehere are some important links so you know that I am a real person and this is a real offer to join an actual real estate team in Manhattan:

Here is the Department of State link to show that I am a licensed real estate salesperson in the state of New York.

Now that you know this is real, here are the most important things that you need to know.

#1 YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY Just the same basic fees that all licensed NYC real estate agents pay to the Department of State (which is half the price of being a residential agent anywhere else in the US) I make money off of the productivity of my agents, so if I help you to become a massively successful agent, then I make a lot of money as well. It's the perfect win-win situation.


Getting hired by a Team Leader whose training methods and work ethics are explained to you from Day 1(me), is much more important than being recruited by or joining a company where you don't know who will train you, if anyone will at all. So many people unnecessarily fail in this industry because they are not guided properly from Day 1. Many agents on my team originally started out at very big name real estate firms and were not given the time, attention and extra support that all new agents need in their first year. I have prided myself and my trainers on how we help brand new agents become successful in this industry. If you are a good waiter or bartender and you genuinely like people, you can become a massively successful NYC real estate agent.

#3 YOU CAN WORK THIS JOB & STILL PURSUE YOUR DREAMS I joined NYC real estate because I wanted MORE MONEY and MORE FLEXIBILITY to be able to pursue my dream as a musician and travel anywhere I wanted to in the world at any time I felt like it. When I discovered NYC real estate in 2002, I was able to make 5 times the amount of money I was making waiting tables (today 10 times the amount) and I had even more flexibility than I ever had before. Whether your passion is your acting, music, dance or art career or you just like traveling the world and having the job, time and money that allows you to do so, real estate in NYC is the best answer that I have ever found.

I work with all of my new agents to get them to the 100k/year mark as fast as possible (only 3 deals per month) and then will build from that foundation (the sky is the limit really). I hold weekly trainings for my agents both in-person and online. You can start in this business part-time and transition into it at your own pace. I was waiting tables and it took me three months of showing apartments during the day and waiting tables at night to feel confident enough to be able to make the full-time switch. Some people are able to take off right away. Whether it takes 4 days, 4 weeks or 4 months to transition to this industry, it doesn't matter. We are in this for the long game and you will be able to transition away from your current income and make more money and have more fun and flexibility than you ever have before.

We are here to help you make the transition based on your own natural skill set, current responsibilities and life circumstances. I am a parent myself and I know what it's like to do this line of work with and without children. Whatever your specific situation is, I can help you to succeed.

The company that I work for is called Highline Residential and we are the fastest growing real estate company in NYC now. After working in this industry for over 21 years, and working for only two other companies in those years, I decided to join Highline for three simple reasons.

1) They pay their agents more money from Day 1.

2) They pay their agents faster than any other company (48 hours after a deal is completed via ACH).

3) Their technology to help agents on a day to day basis is unparalleled in this industry.

There is a story about my career after this paragraph, but for those of you who want me to cut to the chase, this is what you have to do to be a part of my team.

Send me your most recent resume and tell me briefly why you think that a real estate career might be a good fit for you.

After receiving both of these items, if I think this will be a good fit for both of us, I will contact you back for an Interview & Information Session.

That's it. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you care to know more about me and my story, you can read further. If not, that's Ok as well.


The industry drastically changed during the pandemic and the "remote" agent has now become a "hybrid" agent where you can easily work from home or at the office. It is really your choice.

These days the real estate office is used more as a "hub" where agents will gather in-between apartment showings, converse briefly with other agents, hang out in the eating area for lunch, post some new ads, etc. Some agents do not use the office at all. They post their ads from home, meet their clients at the apartments and then return home. Most lease signings and all apartment applications are online now (thanks to the pandemic) so a real estate agent in NYC has the freedom to be a "remote" worker or a "hybrid" worker. Whichever suites their lives more.


If you are pursuing acting, music or any other creative or entrepreneurial endeavor, this line of work is for you. If you want to take off in the middle of the week and go up to Vermont because it just snowed and you want to go snowboarding, this is the job for you If you want to work 8 months out of the year and live in another country for the other 4 (like I do) then this profession is for you.

What I found amazing was how similar this line of work was to waiting tables, just a lot more money. You listen to what people want and then you give it to them with the best service possible. If you are nice to them and take care of them well (like I do and how I will train you to do as well) they will send you future business and make your life easier and easier in this as you make more and more money. Being nice always pays off, even in New York.

I have been doing real estate rentals and sales in Manhattan since 2002 and my real estate career also allowed me to live in Mexico for 15 years and continue doing real estate in the US while I was living thereBack in 2002, I was just an aspiring musician who wanted to make more money than I was making at my restaurant and have even more flexibility than I did. This job is amazing, especially if you have auditions. You don't have to get your entire shift covered. You can just go to your audition and then get back to work as you need to.

I am selective about who I choose for my team. I work with people that are like me because it just makes for harmony and success in the workplace. I am easy going, down-to-earth, ambitious, caring and I check my ego at the door. I know what I know and that I will share with you and if there is something I don’t know, I’m not afraid to tell you that. I give everyone a chance. I have had agents on my teams that do one deal a month and some that do a lot more than that. I work with good people, not just superstars.

If this opportunity interests you just shoot me an email telling me a little about yourself. If I think it would be a good match I will invite you to an group interview session over Zoom or at my company headquarters in Manhattan and we will take things from there.

Here are some answers to common FAQ’s that I often get:

1. You can keep your current job while you start working with me and are getting trained. I even advise it. That’s what I did. As soon as I saw the consistent business in real estate, I stopped waiting tables and never looked back.

2. You will need to go to Real Estate School, which you are lucky because when I went to school in 2002 it cost $500 and now it's only $99 and you can take the course online. To take the State Exam to receive you RE license it only costs $15. It is so much more affordable now to start in this business than it was 20 years ago!

3. You will start your training with me BEFORE YOU GET YOUR LICENSE and WHILE YOU ARE IN REAL ESTATE SCHOOL. In this way, the day you receive your license you can start making money. So many new agents make the mistake of getting a license and then getting trained, which wastes a lot of precious time and money.

This industry really is this good. If you like working with positive and supportive people, you will love working on my team.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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