Lash Artist Wanted

03 Apr 2024

Hello, my name is Karen Cioffi. I am an experienced cosmetologist and lash technician with a solid career spanning 15 years and 9 years lashing. Currently, I am the proud owner of my own studio in Bellmore, where I have been operating for over 3 years.

As my clientele continues to grow, I am seeking assistance for the studio's lash traffic, especially as I embark on working in a second location. The studio has availability on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and as my schedule becomes busier, I plan to open the studio on a fourth day for the right candidate.

Located within a bustling hair salon, the studio offers a private suite equipped with a fully electric bed, professional lighting, and a private bathroom. To be considered for this opportunity, it is essential that the candidate possesses lash experience and state licensing. While I am willing to provide training and advancement opportunities, I am not seeking someone entirely new to the field, as I will often not be present.

In terms of compensation, I am offering a commission-based arrangement, and I will provide all necessary supplies except for tweezers. It is imperative that interested individuals submit their work photos along with their resumes.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to join my team.