Need analog POS Watch maker.

08 Jul 2024

Okay quickly! This may be difficult to understand but just stay tuned, call, mail or chat til it is totally clear. There is a notion that a dollar is made every 1 second, minute or hour.

You can place 1into your watch using the 0.00 system on the digital/analog network.

That 1represents 1z which also represents 12 o clock. For one zillion zeros, which is 16 digits of a zillion zeros i.e 3,564,534,777,654,823.

Our system pays 3x its 1investment

at the 12:00 time, the serial number us entered chrinogically.

An example, if to say you have a dollar-at-hand, it is equavalent to 1Z or 0, 000,000,000,000,000 exactly.

This is because its serial number say,

B 51959048 H is a combination of zeros from micro-seconds in the hourly realm to the seconds realm til it goes back from the seconds realm to the hourly realm.

This happens per chosen keyword that one inputs into the wristwatch carefully till the serial number is totally formed inside the wristwatch.

All this information was carefully discussed so you know we have alot to say or download to you.

Pls call for the full lengthed information.