Piano, Guitar, and Voice teachers needed!

08 Jul 2024

We are in need of experienced, professional, friendly music teachers who can confidently teach piano, guitar, and voice lessons to children (from age 5) and adults. Having music production skills using Garageband, Soundtrap, Ableton, Logic, or other music production software is a plus.

A degree in music or a strong knowledge of fundamental music theory and instrumental/voice technique is preferred. You should be able to read music well enough and have enough instrumental skill to play relatively simple pieces and coach your students properly towards developing proper practice habits and performance skills.

Applicants should be comfortable teaching at least beginning classical exercises and pieces for piano, and should be able to teach pop styles (rock, pop, jazz, etc) for piano, guitar, and voice confidently.

We will be prioritizing teachers who

- can teach all three subjects (piano, guitar, and voice) comfortably to at least an intermediate level

- have at least 5 years experience teaching professionally

- have previous experience working with children from age 5.

- have open availability from early September 2024 to late June 2025 on at least one weekday Monday - Friday 3-7pm, and/or Saturdays 10am - 3pm

Please respond with

- a brief description of your teaching experience, especially your experience working with families and children

- a description of your teaching philosophy and what is important to you about teaching music

- a resume and/or summary of your education and relevant professional experience, with your full name, email address, phone number and current address (neighborhood is fine).

- a link to professional social media or website if you have either

- two professional employment references

We will be responding to applications after July 20th.