PT Paralegal Needed - Sort Out Minor Disputes With Us!

09 Jun 2024

Nowadays there's a law firm for every problem. Our jam is actively managing long-term, low-level matters—the kinds most people have—neighbors, company-customer, business partners, etc.

The core skills for high volume task management are communication, organization, and problem-solving.

We need a freelance, part-time paralegal who is familiar with the CPLR and its deadlines, can make decisions rapidly and get a lot done in a short time. 10 to 20 hours per week to start, working remotely, at $25/hr. All work is done during business hours.

Interested? Send a custom cover email and resume and let us know when you can start. We will kick off with an immediate case audit and the creation of tracking documents and a reporting schedule. Looking forward to working with you!