Hydroponic Greenhouse Assistant (Full-time or Part-time)

03 Apr 2024

If this posting is still active, we are still looking

>> Full-Time or Part-Time Position

We are seeking a passionate and dedicated individual to join our team as a Hydroponic Greenhouse Assistant. In this role, you will work closely with our greenhouse management team to ensure the efficient operation of our vertical wall hydroponic systems. You will be responsible for assisting in all aspects of greenhouse operations, including planting, monitoring plant health, maintaining equipment, and harvesting crops.


- Assist in the planting and transplanting of seedlings into the vertical wall hydroponic systems.

- Monitor plant health and growth, including nutrient levels, pH levels, and pest control.

- Operate and maintain greenhouse equipment, including irrigation systems, lighting, and climate control systems.

- Assist in the harvesting and packaging of crops according to quality standards.

- Maintain cleanliness and organization within the greenhouse facility.

- Follow all safety protocols and procedures to ensure a safe working environment.


- We provide on-the-job training if you have a willingness to learn!

- Previous experience in hydroponic agriculture or greenhouse operations is preferred but not required.

- Knowledge of plant biology, hydroponic systems, and greenhouse equipment is a plus.

- Ability to work effectively in a team environment and follow instructions closely.

- Strong attention to detail

- Physical ability to lift and carry heavy objects and work in a variety of environmental conditions.

- Passion for sustainable agriculture and a desire to contribute to a healthier food system.

>> Please eMail resume or qualifications through Craigslist reply feature, someone from our team will be in touch!