Lot Manager

25 Nov 2022

We are a dealership looking for a lot manager part time, this job is from 11am-6pm Mon-Fri. The pay is $11 an hour.

Job description:

Organize the lot (cars must be lined up nice and a new layout must be done once a month)

Make sure cars have gas (you will be driving the cars, must have a driver license)

Adding cost, organizing (must learn the computer system we use for our inventory)

Greeting guest (must have good customer service, communication skills is very important)

Computer skills (must be able to work the computer, will be ordering supplies for office)

Inventory check(every week a inventory checklist must be done, you will get trained on how to do this)

Must keep desk clean and office, help with other office tasks, Being on time is very important, and Weekends are optional. We try to have a stress/drama free environment and being a small group of employees everyone must work together as a group. We are looking for someone with a creative mind, and lot organizing skills for better marketing. This job does not provide a vehicle, and pay may be more with sales experience. Please contact our office 919-301-8551 ask for Ari or Alan, to set up the interview.