Apprentice Builder/Cabinet Maker-Custom Millwork Shop

08 Jul 2024

Custom Commerical Millwork shop looking to train apprentice builders/cabinet makers. Some experience would be a plus, like knowledge of the tools used in the industry, ability to read a tape measure, ability to comprehend, listen and learn, a desire to advance in career.

Ideal candidate should have the following skills and traits:

Reliable attendance is a must

Good listening skills

Positive Attitude

Willingness to learn; grasp new concepts; effecient

Ability to read a tape measure to the 1/16"

Ability to take and follow basic instruction

Detail Oriented


Team Player

This is a huge opportunity to learn from our Master Builders and grow with the company. We are looking to groom the next generation. Huge opportunity to advance from Apprentice Builder, to Builder and even Master Builder.