Paid Cannabis Internship

08 Jul 2024

After almost 20 years in the industry I am risking everything I have to my name to do what I love for a living. Since Oregon is one of the most saturated industries, you know I am only doing this for the love of the plant. Do you love weed? Do you always have to have a stash? Are you a nerd about new releases from breeders that bud tenders have never even heard of? If so we might get along.

A Bachelors degree in a STEM subject is a must. I have multiple degrees and I need proof that you can think critically. Experience growing can be a negative since I rather teach you how I do everything rather than you try and prove that you know something with my grow on the line. History has proven that tent growers and people who talk themselves up have more trouble than those I can just train. STEM majors also have a long history of asking the right questions and always putting in the time.

This is a paid internship with daily pay that will be deducted from your overall salary, daily pay is directly proportional to what your salaries hourly would be. Hours might not be regular during the startup and buildout phase but I will be transparent about all the finances. This is a startup and things will be rough, because of this if you show up and get it done for two years there will be equity options with contingencies. Like, I am not interested in giving part of my company to someone who is just going to sell it or stop working at the company afterwards.

Salary is $36K. This salary’s duties pertain to deleafing, bucking, trimming and cleaning.

The reason this is called an internship is you will start at an hourly wage and a “test for employment” period that will constitute one crop of cannabis front to start. Afterwards me and the board members (wife, mom, dad) will decide if we will retain you as an employee.

Duties include: deleafing, bucking down, trimming, cleaning(lots of this), property maintenance, rosin manufacturing, water hash making, planting, cloning. After we get going; breeding and tissue culture. All of which will be taught to you by me. Extreme oversight and patience will be exercised.

I have no interest in employees that I bottomline and don’t like or know personally. I do not NEED to fill this position. I would like to grow my company as good as I grow my plants and offer financial stability to kind, inquisitive, good people.

Property is about 45 minutes inland from seaside. Lodging can be furnished during the days you are working but you are not expected or do we want you to be a permanent resident. So you will need a mechanically sound car.

  • ID: #52054002
  • State: Oregon Portland 97201 Portland USA
  • City: Portland
  • Salary: USD TBD TBD
  • Showed: 2024-07-08
  • Deadline: 2024-09-06
  • Category: Science/biotech