Child Care Specialist

08 Jul 2024


The Child Care Specialist has the primary responsibility of providing a therapeutic environment to the adjudicated youth and overseeing the overall treatment of the youth placed in the home. The Child Care Specialist shall monitor the service delivery for these youth while they are in the program from intake to discharge. These services may include, but not be limited to; didactic, ensuring the youth participate in home group sessions, encourage positive behavior, peer awareness activities, therapeutic encounters and record keeping. The Child Care Specialist shall possess excellent verbal skills, problem solving skills, and be prepared to take on the diversity of the client population. The Child Care Specialist shall provide these services within contract assurances and prohibitions. They will also perform other duties as specified for the care of the clients, in accordance with the 3800 regulations.

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1. Supervise group activities during field trips and educational outings.

2. Ensure the youth participate in home group sessions to encourage positive behavior.

3. Supervises all youth movement/activities within the facility.

4. Report youth accidents or injuries to supervisor.

5. Completes written reports.

6. Reports all youth behavioral problem incidents in writing to supervisor and conducts

appropriate intervention.

7. Transport youth by Company van from facility to the out-of-facility appointments or

outings as required;

8. Monitors youths’ behavior during the daily scheduled recreational activities;

9. Assure Medication is distributed and the MARS is completed properly (after MED


10. Responsible for the cleanliness of the common areas.

11. Complete all mandatory training.


High school diploma or equivalent GED; 1 year experience working with children; Experienced in behavioral issues with youth. Experience in CASSP system and/or residential care preferred. All candidates must pass a required background check as outlined in The Background Check Policy in regards to Clearances and Certifications mandated by the State Department of Human Services, Federal guidelines, and possess a valid Driver’s License.

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