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12 Jan 2024

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Eiffel Seafood Restaurant - Now Hiring: Executive Chef

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Job Title: Executive Chef - Menu Development and Kitchen Operations (Pre-opening)Eiffel Seafood Restaurant is an upcoming Vietnamese fusion with American cuisine establishment committed to delivering an exceptional dining experience. As we prepare for our grand opening, we are seeking a highly skilled Executive Chef with a passion for culinary innovation and menu development. Responsibilities: Menu Development: Showcase expertise in Americanized bar food, entrees, and seafood. Collaborate with existing chefs to develop fusion dishes that seamlessly blend both culinary traditions. Create and design a diverse and enticing menu that fuses Vietnamese and American cuisines, aligning with our culinary vision and target audience. Recipe Standardization: Develop standardized recipes to ensure consistency in flavor, presentation, and quality. Conduct tasting sessions and gather feedback to refine and perfect recipes. Sourcing and Procurement: Collaborate with suppliers to source high-quality, fresh ingredients, especially those unique to Vietnamese cuisine. Negotiate contracts and establish relationships with vendors to secure favorable terms. Kitchen Operations Oversight: Lead day-to-day kitchen operations, actively participating in cooking while ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Address and resolve issues as they arise, allowing the general manager to focus on broader restaurant operations. Team Leadership: Build and lead a dynamic kitchen team, providing guidance and mentorship to ensure a high standard of culinary excellence. Conduct training sessions on menu items, cooking techniques, and safety protocols. Collaboration with Existing Chefs: Work closely with existing chefs specializing in Vietnamese cuisines to create a seamless fusion of flavors. Foster a collaborative environment to enhance the overall culinary experience. Note: The listed responsibilities are general and may encompass additional duties based on the evolving needs and focus of the restaurant. Qualifications: Proven experience as an Executive Chef or Senior Sous Chef in a high-volume, upscale restaurant. Extensive background in menu development and culinary innovation. Strong leadership and communication skills. In-depth knowledge of culinary trends, ingredients, and techniques. Familiarity with Vietnamese cuisines is a strong bonus. Expertise in Americanized bar food, entrees, and seafood. Ability to actively participate in cooking while leading kitchen operations. Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities. Selection Process: Initial Review: Applications will be reviewed to shortlist candidates based on qualifications and experience. Phone Interview: Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an initial phone interview to discuss their experience, skills, and approach to menu development. This stage may also include a preliminary discussion about their understanding of the restaurant's vision and their potential contributions. Cook-Off: Successful candidates from the phone interview stage will be invited to participate in a cook-off. During this session, candidates will be asked to prepare a dish or a set of dishes that showcase their culinary skills, creativity, and ability to work under pressure. Hiring Decision: The cook-off performance will be a significant factor in the hiring decision. Successful candidates will then proceed to the final stages. Final Interview: A final interview will be conducted, possibly in person or virtually, to discuss the candidate's vision for the menu, leadership style, and overall fit with the restaurant's culture and goals. Reference Check: A reference check may be conducted to verify the candidate's professional background. Offer: A formal offer will be extended to the selected candidate. Note:Eiffel Sealfood Restaurant values a hands-on approach to culinary leadership. The cook-off is an integral part of our selection process to assess practical culinary skills and creativity. Eiffel Seafood Restaurant is an equal opportunity employer.

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