Lunch Duty

12 Jan 2024

We are in need of an individual for lunch duty at our daycare center. This is a part-time position Monday - Friday from the hours of 10:30-1:00/1:30. We are willing to hire multiple candidates to fill this role, so if you are only available some days of the week, please consider applying!

Your responsibility for this job would be getting the lunches ready for the toddlers who eat at 11:30 and the preschoolers that eat at 12:00, and clean-up afterwards. This entails distributing the lunches (which are provided by the parents) onto our slotted plates, warming up heat-able items, pouring milk/water, wiping and sanitizing the tables/highchairs, and sweeping and mopping the floors. You would also put out the toddler's cots for naptime after cleaning up. We are a small center, so the area to clean is minimal. If you would like more hours per week, we may need some help with the children in the afternoons, but this is not necessary.

You will need to get clearances and complete paperwork to satisfy the state's requirements. We can help you with that.

Please email or call 412-486-5595 to set up an interview at your earliest convenience!