Tractor trailer driver concert tours

08 Jul 2024

We are looking for two excellent, experienced drivers that are interested in driving on concert tours that we have starting soon.

These are the basic requirements

1. You ABSOLUTELY MUST BE ABLE TO enter Canada. No criminal history or DUI ever! No unpaid child support. You must have a current valid passport or from a state that has the enhanced drivers license for Canadian border crossings. This is a must.

3. You must be able to be gone for extended periods of time from a few weeks to a couple of months. You stay with the tour from start to finish.

4. Your driving skills must be excellent. We put trucks in very tight spaces, back in with precision, and have a great deal of patience. We look for at least 5 years over the road but will consider 3 years with a great driving and stable work history.

5. You must like being around people with nice manners and good personal hygiene.

This is how you are paid.

1. The starting rate is $2300 per week divided into 7 days. This rate is based upon a base pay rate, a non-taxable per diem rate, and a hotel buy out allowance that is either paid through the company or directly from the touring client.

2. In addition, there are bonuses for longer overnight drives or larger jumps between cities though all of our drives are legally logged.

3. You are also fed really good food on show days, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4. You are paid Every Single Day that you are out on tour whether you are driving or not.

Common questions

1. The average is 4 shows a week, maybe 1500-1800 miles per week. The average overnighter is 250-300 miles, some longer, some shorter.

2. We drive at night and sleep during the day. We sleep in our tractors at the venue on show days. There are showers every morning and many times after the show in the dressing rooms. Many guys go to a motel on multiple show days in a city.

3. You have one tractor that is assigned to you exclusively and that is your tractor! Our tractors have APU units. We have nice new trucks!

4. We have no husband wife teams, there are no riders and no pets.

5. We do have to team on occasion for larger jumps between cities. We fly in a team driver, who is picked up on the way out of the city, is with you one day, and then flies out the next city.

6. We do not load or unload. That is done by the stagehands. However, we are present to ensure that our load is secured properly with load bars and cargo straps.

7. Our terminals are Pennsylvania, Nashville, or Los Angeles. We will fly you to the truck.

If this sounds like something that you may be interested in, please send us your contact info. If you have any questions, please just send me an email.

  • ID: #52054058
  • State: Pennsylvania Erie 16501 Erie USA
  • City: Erie
  • Salary: USD TBD TBD
  • Showed: 2024-07-08
  • Deadline: 2024-09-06
  • Category: Transportation