Migraine Clinical Trial

08 Jul 2024

The PROCEED trial is evaluating the effectiveness of an investigational trial drug to see whether it helps to prevent migraine.

You may be able to join the PROCEED trial if:

You are between 18 and 65 years of age.

You have a history of episodic or chronic migraine for at least 1 year.

Your migraine started before age 50.

You have 4 or more migraine days per month over the past 3 months.

You have tried 2-4 different migraine prevention medications in the past 10 years that did not help you.

You are willing to complete an electronic diary every day during the trial and answer questions about your migraine symptoms and experience.

Other criteria apply.

Qualified participants may receive trial-related evaluations and care at no cost. Financial compensation may also be provided for time and travel expenses. You will receive $100 for each completed visit, and you may also be reimbursed for travel expenses that you incur, up to $100 for each completed trial visit.

Connect with a member of the Accellacare team by clicking the link here and finding a site enrolling for the study closest to you: https://www.accellacare.us/join-a-study/migraines/adult-migraine

Know someone who may be interested to participate? Refer a friend to this trial and receive $50 upon their eligibility. Learn more: https://www.accellacare.us/tell-a-friend