An opportunity of a lifetime for 15 restaurant owners/operators only

13 Jan 2024

We are a tech startup company founded on January 10, 2024, with an innovative solution and a big vision. We’ve tested our first service, and it works. Now, we’re looking for 15 restaurant owners/operators to see it for themselves.

Company Name: MeetNative

Co-Founders: Jean Danny Chérubin ( & Travis Diamond (

Vision: To provide financial freedom to those who seek it while building new products and services to create a more stable economy.

Our First Service: Our first service is a platform called MeetNative.

MeetNative Promotional YouTube Video: Watch our first YouTube video here:

Mission: MeetNative was created to provide a guaranteed boost to restaurants' gross profits and tips for their servers.

Motto: Get more for your money

We are looking for 1 restaurant owner/operator to try our platform in their own restaurant from the following cities below for a grand total of 15 restaurant owners/operators.

1. New York City

2. Chicago

3. Austin

4. New Orleans

5. Charleston

6. San Francisco

7. Portland

8. Los Angeles

9. Seattle

10. Philadelphia

11. Las Vegas

12. Honolulu

13. Boston

14. Denver

15. San Jose

Only reach out to us if your restaurant is in the cities above. Here are the benefits for your restaurant and yourself.

Benefits for your restaurant:

1. Our solution will provide a guaranteed, risk-free boost to your gross profits and tips for your servers.

2. We’ll help you get new high-caliber customers through our app who will happily pay more than your average order value.

3. We’ll help you increase your repeat business by providing insightful data about your customers, including their names, email addresses, and frequency of visits. This information will enable you to improve your marketing strategies and solicit online reviews.

Benefits for you:

1. You will forever be known as a pioneer who was among the first 15 restaurants to try MeetNative outside of our own testing.

2. As a pioneer, for the first 44 restaurants you refer to our platform that successfully becomes a customer, you will receive a 50% sales commission from those 44 restaurants every month for life as long as those 44 restaurants remain a customer. Anyone restaurant owner/operator you refer will have the same financial opportunity. We generate revenue by charging our partnered restaurants a small fee each time a customer claims a perk at their restaurant. Your 50% sales commission will come from that revenue. For instance, if you refer 44 restaurants to our platform that are upselling an average of 27 customers daily, you have the potential to earn over $17,000 every month in passive income.

3. After you’ve referred 44 restaurants, you will receive an 8% sales commission for every additional restaurant you refer to our platform that becomes a customer with no limits.

You must first believe our platform could work to try it in your own restaurant. Once you see the results yourself, then you will know our mission statement is accurate. Once you start referring other restaurants who are getting great results, you'll truly believe in our vision. If you're ready to get started, reach out to us now before we reach capacity for your city.

  • ID: #50858941
  • State: Texas Austin 73301 Austin USA
  • City: Austin
  • Salary: Convervative Potential Earning over $17,000 per month in passive income
  • Job type: Contract
  • Showed: 2024-01-13
  • Deadline: 2024-03-13
  • Category: Sales