CARPENTERS needed for 2-3 weeks

10 Jun 2024

Hey guys,

Doing a complete house remodel to get it to at least te 2000's. Int/Ext. Grade to ridge. Get at me if you can help me out for a couple weeks. Up to say$40/hrly. By ability, not necassarily by experience or years. Have you done a fair amount of hardiplank? You're the lead. Set windows and flash PROPERLY? You're in and will be with me. Lucky. Not gonna 1090 you. Or UA you! Cash and run. BUT! Please be the real deal. I would like to meet with all that get at me and hire 4or5. A laboror good too. An apprentice? Sure! Just be honest bc IWE ALL will know really quick and person will be asked to leave if you suck. And not with $50. Could also use a landscaper but I know any one of you guys can weed eat or cut shrubs and pull out bushes for extra credit. Couple buddies that are good carpenters works. On unemployment? Double that shit up! If you can set up scaffold without any help lemme know. May be the difference. Chill guy. Should be fun. Up to crew. StartNOW Thanks for consideration fellas. FULL TIME 2 WEEKS. You know. 6-8 hrs/dly. LET'S DO THIS