10 Jun 2024

Lowell's in Pike Market is hiring for the Front of House: - Full time CASHIER/BARISTA

CASHIER is first because making espresso drinks is a smaller part of the cashier's routine, the main part is taking food orders and welcoming guests. Also, during slow times some bussing or food running may be required with direction or initiative, though this is not a main part of the job description, since we hire those positions directly, and when busy you will have less spare time. The biggest requirement of this job is to be a pleasant and unique individual who likes interacting with people!

Shifts are Saturday through Wednesday with Thursday and Friday off.

Availability through Labor Day Weekend and 12/20-12/31 is essential (due to prior requests, not forbidden) although we are closed Christmas Day (and Thanksgiving, Easter, New Years Day).


Breakfast, lunch, and seasonal (summer) early dinner service

Full table service and bar on 2nd floor

Fast casual style counter service on 1st and 3rd floor

Only 2 Owners since being founded in 1957

Close FAMILY team - yeah, I know, everywhere says this, but when some of us have worked side by side for over 20 years it shows, and we welcome new employees into that dynamic.

3 floors of restaurant all with panoramic views of Elliot Bay and Olympic Mountains

Fresh fish and produce sourced daily from Pike Market

“Respect, communication, honesty” – the cornerstone of everything we do

Tiny management team of 3 that busses tables, cooks, and sweats like everybody else (including the signatory on paychecks) - that's Ops/FOH/BOH - for great day to day cohesion.

Great employee retention, the longest employed top ten employees (including all 3 managers) have 173 years experience on the floor and in the kitchen at this restaurant. That doesn't include the owner's 43 years at the helm.

The Job:

Long periods of standing/walking

Good attention to detail

The ability to work hard with a sunny disposition

Cashier/Barista: lots of talking/providing direction to welcome guests

Food runner: carrying trays of food up flights of stairs

We offer 100% coverage health insurance and 401(k)

We provide complimentary meals daily to all staff

A calculation - assume $90 per day (averaging $50-150, even sometimes $300! - not often but a couple of times a year it happens), 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year PLUS $17.25 per hour, 8 hours a day = $59,280 - This averages about $28.50 per hour - again a safe expectation, not a maximum. On President's Day weekend, employees sharing in the tips pool made $200 in one day in credit card tips alone, not including cash or hourly pay.

One employee in this position has taken a couple of week long vacations as well as other days off, they filed $68,000 on their w2 working 40 hours a week in 2022.

Another working in this position working only 4 days a week, sometimes 5 when providing cover, but also with multiple weeks off for vacations etc., filed $44k when hired in early May, so only working less than 8 months of the 2023.

Being primarily a breakfast and lunch restaurant, we close (with seasonal variation) in the early evening - lead a normal life with evenings to yourself!

Closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year's Day


Restaurant experience not entirely necessary, but useful, entry level positions

Hard working

Willing to put in the effort on the front end to make things flow better


Good at following direction but also a creative thinker for welcome solutions

Polite, friendly, and engaging

Take COVID seriously and are vaccinated

Make sure to supplement your resume with a GOOD COVER LETTER that shows off your personality! Personality is the most important factor, so the longer the cover letter the better! If there's no cover letter, I won't consider your application!