Lead remodel carpenter/ helper

10 Jun 2024

We are currently looking for a Lead remodel carpenter, and a helper.

A good Lead remodel carpenter would be someone who has several years of experience in remodels, or in several different areas of new construction.

Responsibilities include:

1. Being able to read construction drawings and turn them into reality with little to no supervision.

2. Being able to keep the apprentices busy and motivated when foreman is away.

3. Being able to manage Jobsite materials without waste, and report if we are short before running out.

4. Maintaining a high level of professionalism with crew members, and especially, Clients.

5. The ability to be honest with the crew and themselves when a task at hand may be beyond their knowledge or expertise.

6. A firm grasp of applicable building code requirements.

7. The ability to accurately predict how long a given task will take them to complete without cutting corners or sacrificing quality for speed.

Lead remodel carpenters: $30-$42/hr

Note: independent contractors will have to sign non competition agreements, so as not to try and steal clients as "side jobs".

Bonuses available for stellar performance on a job to job basis.

A helper(or apprentice) is someone who is a self starter. Someone who won't stand around watching and waiting to be told what to do, but will get right in there and find ways to keep busy. Someone who it's athletic, focused, and has a high level of awareness of their surroundings. This can be a dangerous job for those who don't possess those qualities.

Ability to do simple math quickly in your head is a plus.

Helpers/ apprentices :

The responsibilities the helper will vary greatly depending on level of experience.

But generally the less you know, the faster and more enthusiastically you'll have to move to make up for it.

Helper pay: $20-$30/hr. Raises available as quickly as you improve.

Requirements for helpers:

1. Reliable transportation

2. Valid drivers license

3. Tool belt and own hand tools(if 0 experience, you can start buying tools with every check until you have a full set)

4. Ability to show up on time, every day.

5. Ability to pass a background check.

6. Ability to pass a drug test

7. Ability to work safely @ heights and on ladders

Lead remodel carpenter requirements are everything listed above as well as:

1. Recommendations from former employers/clients

2. Photos of personally completed work

3. A strong mind for Jobsite safety, not only for yourself, but for the helpers.