Career Technical Training Instructor Sub

19 Mar 2023

Position Summary:

Reports to the Career Technical Training Manager. Responsible for providing technical skills training and education to students in the assigned program, leading to student certifications, licensure, and/or credentials required by Department of Labor (DOL) and API. Accountable for student evaluations, equipment and supplies. Must work in compliance with government and management directives.

Essential Functions:

  • Plan and conduct training in designated areas instruction; develop and prepare lessons; recommend curricula changes and supplemental materials; administer and correct tests, skills checks, and other applications of technical skills proficiency; maintain progress, attendance and other reports as required.

  • Motivate and counsel students in areas of behavior, training, personal or study habits and coordinate with other staff as necessary to resolve issues.

  • Control use of equipment and supplies, make minor repairs as required, and recommend purchases.

  • Assist and support Center staff with development and maintenance of linkages in the community to ensure training related work-based learning and placement opportunities are consistently available to students.

  • Review and audit all assigned areas regularly for contractual compliance and effectiveness of delivery of services to students; prepare related reports.

  • Participate in the CMT panels and student evaluation process; enter case notes and employer certifications earned and update student progress with the attainment of CTT goals utilizing the CIS system.

  • Work closely with counselors and other staff to ensure students are scheduled into transition readiness classes and for transition panels in accordance with established timelines and requirements.

  • Assist students in developing and implementing job search plans; work with staff to identify potential jobs, schools, military, or other training program placement opportunities for separating students.

  • Conduct follow-up with separated students in accordance with established timelines and requirements.

  • Maintain student TARs in accordance with established policies and procedures; develop and maintain CTT progress reports, administer and correct tests, and maintain accurate attendance reports as required.

  • Assist with the process of evaluating center services for students and participate in the development of student training transition plans; recommend changes in curricula and develop lesson plans as needed to ensure the effective delivery of training.

  • Complete student evaluations, review evaluations with students, and submit evaluations in accordance with established timelines and requirements.

  • Maintain a safe and clean work area and classroom that is conducive to student learning and skill development and models industry practices and high standards for a work environment.

  • Provide positive, quality customer services to students, staff, and other center customers.

  • Motivate and counsel students in areas of behavior, training, personal and study habits and coordinate with other staff as necessary to resolve issues.

  • Participate in student employability programs and activities; develop and conduct enrichment programs as needed or assigned.

  • Support, promote, and enforce the Job Corps Zero Tolerance Policy and Center Behavior Management System.

  • Promote the development of Career Success Standards by modeling appropriate behaviors, consistently monitoring student behavior and conduct, and mentoring students where necessary.

  • Maintain accountability of students and property; adhere to safety practices; attend all required staff training.

  • Coordinate with other staff and departments regarding issues related to the provision of student services and to interdepartmental and center programs, activities, and events.

  • Cultivate and maintain a climate on center which is free of harassment, intimidation and disrespect to provide a safe place for staff and students to learn and work.

It is expected that the incumbent shall perform other duties as assigned within his/her capabilities as determined by management.