TriMet Fare Enforcement Survey - June 13-27

09 Jun 2024

Stat Team, Inc. is a nation-wide staffing agency seeking reliable, professional staff to administer surveys to riders on TriMet/MAX from June 13-27, 2024.

Surveyors will be partnered with a fare inspection officer during their shift and will conduct a brief survey with any riders who are stopped for riding without a valid fare (they will not be ticketed for this violation).


JOB DESCRIPTION: Surveyors will report to their assigned TriMet/MAX location to meet with the fare inspector assigned to the same shift. Ride along on the route, record number of riders with valid and invalid fares, and when a passenger is stopped for invalid fare, request that they participate in a brief survey regarding fare enforcement. Most survey questions are multiple choice. The survey will take one-two minutes to complete. Data will be collected using a tablet (provided by the client).

Some survey questions may include:

- How often do you ride TriMet?

- How often have you taken TriMet without a valid fare in the past month?

- Aside from today, have you ever been stopped by a fare inspector or Transit Police when you did not have valid fare?

- What is your opinion about how often we check fares on MAX? (Too infrequent, The right amount, Too often, I don’t know)

- Why have you ridden without valid fare today?

- Customer Demographics

REPORT LOCATIONS: Various TriMet Security Facilities (Staff will need to have transportation).


Must be punctual, professional and reliable.

Must be friendly, approachable and able to communicate effectively with strangers (Bus/Rail Passengers).

Must be a regular user of smart phones/tablets.

Must be able to stand on your feet on board a moving vehicle for up to 7 hours.

Must be able to provide valid ID to fulfil I-9 requirements.

MANDATORY PAID TRAINING: Thursday, June 13, 2024 – 10:00AM-12:00PM (TriMet Administrative Offices)


We will conduct surveys every day (Monday-Sunday).

Shifts will be from 5:00 AM-12:00 PM or from 2:00 PM-9:00 PM.

Staff must be available for most days. Those with the most open availability and shift flexibility will be considered first.

PAY: Pay is $25.00 per hour. We pay weekly via direct deposit (W-2 position).

TO APPLY: Reply with your complete contact information (email address, working cell phone number) and your recent or relevant work experience. Please confirm that you can attend the mandatory paid training session, and describe in detail your availability from Jun 13-27. Those who include all requested information in their reply will be contacted for an interview.

You must be able to provide valid, government issued IDs to fulfil I-9 requirements. Please do not apply if you cannot furnish valid ID, as it will be required to onboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are a staffing agency. Do not contact TriMet directly about this job. You must apply here or apply online at

  • ID: #51872428
  • State: Oregon Portland 97201 Portland USA
  • City: Portland
  • Salary: USD TBD TBD
  • Showed: 2024-06-09
  • Deadline: 2024-08-08
  • Category: Et cetera